Nuts magazine has almost two thousand is common. Many of the Subscribers magazine, the company is the exporter of dried fruits, dried fruit processing factory, packaging of nuts, Merchants and related industries, as well as machinery and dehydrated fruits are across the country every month this magazine for free will be sent to them. Furthermore, this publication each year is published ten times.
To contact us you can call:

(021)  44219655، 44219649


Admin of Advertising Bahram Paikar

Please contact the journal's Web site, or to the address:


Please refer.
The Director of the magazine nuts

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  1. سلام
    ایمیل شخصیم را خدمتان میفرستم و به زودی ایمیل سایت را
    با تشکر
    میلاد نصیری

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